​Why Board Your Retired Horse at Blue Rose Ranch, A Horse Rescue

The Horse Retirement Community is a division of Blue Rose Ranch Horse Rescue.
A Quality Organization and Well-Run Facility  
Blue Rose Ranch is recognized as a premier Horse Rescue, and adheres to the exemplary operational standards in the industry as defined by AAEP, the American Association of Equine Practitioners.  Blue Rose Ranch has received awards from major foundations, including the ASPCA and the Equus Foundation, and is verified by the Global Foundation of Animal Sanctuaries.  What this means is that Blue Rose Ranch receives site visits on a regular basis from Equine Industry Professionals. The Head of one Foundation who supports Blue Rose Ranch chooses to keep her horse in our Retirement Community.

Experience Caring for the needs of Older Horses
The Horse Rescue “Blue Rose Ranch, Inc.” began operation in 2007, and has cared for hundreds of rescued horses.  Horses coming to a horse rescue are sometimes neglected and starved. Some have permanent injuries. Sometimes they are just old.  We are experts at caring for older horses and horses with aging issues.

Natural Horse Life
Blue Rose Ranch is unique among horse rescue organizations because of our size and philosophy.  We operate on hundreds of acres, most of which is pristine pasture.  We believe that when horses live a “natural horse life”, roaming and grazing in herds, they experience health and emotional healing. Horses at Blue Rose Ranch always have access to shelter, clean water, pastures and/or hay, and the natural healing that comes from being in a herd with other horses.

Affordable Care
Because we are a large operation our cost for each horse is lower.  We provide everything a horse needs and we provide total excellent care at a price that other facilities cannot approach.

Veterinary Attention
Horses at Blue Rose Ranch receive routine veterinary care, including checking of teeth and floating (when needed), vaccinations, and worming.  From time to time horses need some kind of medical attention or treatment.  Most of the typical ailments that a horse may experience are handled at the ranch by our experienced and competent staff.  The cost of these basic procedures, including most antibiotics, are included in the regular monthly fee.  In the event a horse needs attention or diagnosis by a veterinarian, we will make every effort to first contact the owner for their input and counsel.  We reserve the right, however, to make emergency decisions and to transport a horse to our veterinarian if we suspect a serious situation.  We will in all cases not authorize an expensive procedure or surgery without consulting the horses’ owner.  The cost of emergency or non-usual medical treatments will be billed to the horse’s owner.

We are very experienced in handling typical horse ailments; bumps, bruises, cuts, runny noses, infections and the like.  Your horse(s) will be monitored daily for signs of any medical need.  Your horse will be cared for, treated, monitored and loved as if it were our horse.

Interaction and Care from people who love horses
Retired Horses who are Boarded at Blue Rose Ranch will enjoy the interaction with kids and adults who volunteer at Blue Rose Ranch.  These volunteers groom the horses, take them on walks, and shower them with attention and even horse cookies.

On-Site Management
John and Cheryl Webb, Executive Directors of Blue Rose Ranch, own and live on the ranch.  Our full-time staff has extensive background in horse care.  We care for each horse as if they were our own.  We invite you to visit Blue Rose Ranch…check us out, stay as our guest.

Horses haltered and ready for vet check.

"A great horse will change your life.  The truly special ones define it..." 

Some horses will test you, Some will teach you and some will bring out the Best in You.

Ride softly, listen carefully and love completely