Horse Retirement Community


Our goal is to provide a worry free, everything taken care of, perfect place for your retired horse.

The Blue Rose Ranch Horse Retirement Community provides “retirement living” for horses. This program ensures peace of mind for the horse owner and a dignified, honorable, end-of-the trail experience for the horse. Horses who reside at Blue Rose Ranch will have the best possible, comprehensive care combined with a loving healthy horse environment for the rest of their days.  

The ranch provides a peaceful environment, interaction with other horses, fresh hay and fresh water, shelter, tons of love and attention and hundreds of acres of pasture in which to roam and be a horse.  Horses in the Retirement Community also receive hoof trims, vaccinations, worming, teeth checks and floating, and supplemental feed when needed.

The Blue Rose Ranch Horse Retirement Community offers an inexpensive, caring program for horses needing a retirement solution.  The cost of the program is $200.00 a month, paid quarterly in advance. There are no minimum contract terms.

Blue Rose Ranch does not take ownership of retirement horses.  The horses in this program can stay with us until the horse’s natural or merciful death.

Please note: this is not a hospital program.  It is designed for horses that are not in need of ongoing, specialized medical care.

Horses accepted into the program must eventually be able to socialize and mix safely with other horses and our staff.  Very aggressive or dangerous horses are not acceptable.